Terms and Conditions of the EHF Ticket Shop

Contractual relationships result from the purchase of the tickets between the ticket holder (the Customer or Ticket Holder) and the European Handball Federation, a non-profit organisation registered under the laws of Austria (register number in the Austrian register of associations: ZVR 263489108) having its registered address at Hoffingergasse 18, A-1120 Vienna, Austria (the EHF).

The terms and conditions of the EHF (the T&Cs) shall govern the contractual relationship between the Customer and EHF in relation to the men’s EHF EURO 2022 taking place in Hungary and Slovakia between 13 and 30 January 2022 (the Event). The Customer agrees to these T&Cs.
The following national handball federations are responsible for the organisation and staging of the Event matches occurring in their host territory:
a) Hungarian Handball Federation (MKSZ) of Budapest, Könyves Kálmán krt. 76, 1087, Hungary; and
b) Slovakian Handball Federation (SZH) of Bratislava, Trnavská cesta 37, 83104 3, Slovakia. (the LOCs)

Notwithstanding to Section IV. point 1, if the Customer requests a different type of production, packaging and delivery of a souvenir ticket instead of an online ticket, additional shipping fees will be charged. The amount of these fees depends on the type of the shipping method. The fee is displayed in the shopping cart when ordering these additional services. Beyond this, there are no additional costs. If the booking is made a few days before the Event, the tickets will no longer be shipped. If the EHF makes it possible, the tickets could be picked up personally at the venue of the Event. More information about the location, the date and the costs can be found on the EHF Ticket Shop.

The tickets cannot be exchanged. Tickets lost or destroyed by the Customer will not be replaced or refunded. Reimbursing the purchase price of the ticket as a gesture of goodwill is subject to the EHF’S to decision, which will be done on a case-by-case basis. The reimbursement of the entry price shall not be claimed if the Event has not yet been finally scheduled at the time when the ticket was ordered. The same applies if a match of the Event will be abandoned. The tickets remain valid in any case. If the Event is cancelled, the Ticket Holder may reverse the transaction upon returning the original ticket to ticket agency where he/she purchased the ticket. No processing, system or shipping fees will be reimbursed in relation to this.

In order to avoid violence and criminal offenses in connection with entering the arena, to enforce arena prohibitions, to prevent the resale of tickets at excessive prices and to separate the fans belonging to different teams from each other as well as to maintain the security of the spectators, it is in the interest of the EHF to limit the transfer of the tickets. Tickets may therefore only be sold for private reasons and not commercially. The Ticket Holder is in particular prohibited from:
• offering tickets to auction portals for sale;
• selling tickets for commercial purposes without the express prior written consent of the EHF;
• selling the tickets in the context of a private transfer at a higher price than as it is stated on the tickets;
• transferring tickets to people who have been excluded from attending handball games for security reasons; and
• transfer or use of tickets without the express prior written consent of the EHF for purposes of advertising, marketing, as a bonus, giveaway, prize or as part of an unauthorized hospitality or travel package.
At the request of the EHF, if the ticket is transferred, the Customer shall provide the EHF with the name, address and date of birth of the new ticket owner.
If a ticket is used for the aforementioned inadmissible purposes or if the Ticket Holder violates these T&Cs in any other way, the ticket shall become invalid. In this case, the EHF is entitled to block the ticket - also electronically - and to deny the Ticket Holder to access the arena without compensation or to expel him/her from the arena.

Each Ticket Holder irrevocably consents to give the right to the EHF of the free usage of his/her picture and voice for photographs, live broadcasts, broadcasts and / or recordings of picture and / or sound made by the EHF or its partners in connection with all media and distribution channels of the Event.

The entrance to the Arena is only possible with a valid ticket. The entrance to the arena is subject to the compliance of the


The EHF and the LOCs reserve the right to make alterations to the time, date and location of the Event and/or the match(es) due to unforeseen extraordinary circumstances: force majeure like the COVID19 pandemic, safety and/or security reasons or other decisions made by any competent authority which have a major impact on the match being played at the venue of the Event.

The EHF reserves the right to change these T&Cs if necessary to ensure proper and safe staging of the Event and/or the relevant Match(s). The EHF will notify each Ticket Holder of such changes via an email sent to the address indicated by the Ticket Holder.

Should any provisions of these T&Cs be declared void, ineffective, illegal or unenforceable by any competent court, regulator or authority;

a. the remainder of these T&Cs shall remain in effect as if such void, ineffective, illegal or unenforceable provision(s) had not been included; and

b. where required the invalid provision shall be replaced with a provision, which closely approximates the economic purpose of such invalid provision.

  • I. Scope of application

  • II. Conclusion of the contract, cancellation

    • 1. The offer of the conclusion of a contract is effected by the Customer, as soon as he/she completes the order transaction in relation to the chosen online tickets. The contract will be concluded between the EHF and the Customer by the online confirmation.
    • 2. No guarantee is given for the correctness of the data contained in the online system.
    • 3. The EHF is entitled to cancel a Customer’s order for a transaction which has already been confirmed in accordance with section II. point 1 above (unilateral right of cancellation) if the Customer violates specific conditions set by the EHF to which reference was made prior to the sale. The same holds true for attempts to circumvent such conditions (e.g. violation of the limited number of tickets per Customer, violation of documentary conditions, particularly against a ban on reselling, attempts to circumvent this by registering and using several user profiles, etc.). Cancellation/withdrawal can also be tacitly declared through the crediting of the already paid purchase prices.
    • 4. Every Customer shall follow all measures of the authorities of the LOCs in relation to the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to the attendance at the Event. The same holds true to safety and hygiene concepts, including but not limited to those which are issued by the EHF, the LOCs and/ or third parties. In the event of non-compliance, the EHF reserves the right to exclude the Customer concerned from (further) attending the Event
  • III. Price components and methods of payment

    • 1. The price for tickets purchased in the EHF Ticket Shop consists of the base ticket price as well as the booking and system fees. The statutory rate of the value-added tax is included in the price.
    • 2. Payment is possible by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) or by using PayPal. For VISA and MasterCard, payments are processed by CTS EVENTIM Nederland B.V., Postbus 3096, 2130 KB Hoofddorp, Netherlands.
  • IV. Delivery of the purchased tickets

    • 1. The tickets, purchased via the EHF Ticket Shop, are delivered by sending a print@home or mobile ticket to an e-mail address specified by the Customer during the purchase process.
    • 2. The type of the ticket and delivery could be changed and ordered as an additional service in accordance with section V below.
  • V. Additional services

  • VI. Liability limitations, exclusion of withdrawal in the case of particular breaches of duty

    • 1. The EHF is unrestrictedly liable in all cases in accordance with the Product Liability Act for damages caused intentionally or through gross negligence, in the case of malicious concealment of defects, and for damages resulting from injury to life or health and physical injury. Liability for damages from breach of warranty is unlimited.
    • 2. In the case of a breach of significant contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations) that are only based on simple negligence, the EHF shall be liable limited to compensation for foreseeable losses typical for this type of contract.
    • 3. Apart from the cases stated in paragraphs 1 and 2, the EHF shall not be liable for losses caused by simple negligence.
    • 4. The Customer's right to free him/herself from the contract due to a breach of obligation for which the promoter or the EHF is not responsible and in which the goods are not at fault is ruled out.
    • 5. If the liability of the EHF is ruled out or limited under the paragraphs above, this also applies to the liability of their agents and assistants.
  • VII. Withdrawal/Refund of the tickets

  • VIII. Transfer of Tickets

  • IX. Image rights

  • X. Court rules

  • court rules (HUN) or court rules (SVK). Holders of discounted tickets are obliged to show an ID or other proof that entitles them to claim the discount. The EHF is free to exercise house rules at any time. When leaving the event, the ticket loses its validity.
    When attending the matches of the Event, the Customer shall comply with the respective court rules of the hosting arena. In the interest of security and the orderly and smooth course of the Event, the Ticket Holder shall follow the instructions of the police, the EHF, the LOCs and the security staff as well as the venue management of the arena. Every Ticket Holder shall cooperate with the police, event organizers, security staff and the venue management in order to verify his/her identity and to tolerate the confiscation of prohibited items in their possession, if necessary.
    Pyrotechnic objects, in particular fireworks or smoke candles, weapons of all kinds and similarly dangerous objects, glass containers, cans, spirits and alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or other objects that are adverse to the enjoyment of the matches of the Event or the comfort or safety for other visitors, players or officials, are forbidden. The same applies to advertising, commercial, political or religious items of all kinds, including banners, signs, symbols or flyers. The aforementioned items may not be brought into the arena, the EHF is entitled to temporarily store them. It is prohibited to chant or spread racist, xenophobic or right-wing extremist slogans.
    It is forbidden for the Ticket Holders to enter the playing court and other areas that are closed. People who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, who are violent or whose behaviour is contrary to public order, or who arouse concern due to such behaviour, can be expelled from the arena.
    Without the prior consent of the EHF, Ticket Holders are not permitted to record sound, images, descriptions or results of the Event (except for private purposes) or to transmit or distribute them in whole or in part via the Internet or other media channels (including mobile communications) or to other persons to support such activities. Devices or systems that can be used for such activities may not be brought into the arena without the prior consent of the EHF. Pictures taken by the Ticket Holders during a match of the Event may only be used for private purposes. Any commercial use, regardless of the way of disclosure, requires the prior written consent of the EHF.
    The Customer shall not collect, archive or distribute match data of the Event for any commercial purpose.
    The unauthorized sale of beverages, food, souvenirs, clothes, promotional items, fan articles and / or other commercial items is prohibited.
    Any other claims for damages hereby remain unaffected. In addition, the EHF reserves the right to exclude people who violate these prohibitions from purchasing tickets in the future, to expel them from the arena and / or to initiate further legal actions against them.


  • XI. Authentic Text

  • These T&Cs have been drafted in the English language and translated into the languages of each of the LOCs and are available on the EHF Ticket Shop. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and the translated versions, the English version shall prevail.


  • XII. Unforeseen Circumstances

  • XIII. Severability and Amendment

  • IV. Final provisions

    • 1. These T&Cs shall be exclusively governed by Austrian law.
    • 2. In the event that the purchaser is a registered merchant or a public law entity, the competent Court in Vienna (Austria) shall have exclusive jurisdiction on any disputes arising from these T&Cs. This provision shall also be valid to cross-border contracts, concluded with non-merchants. The EHF also reserves the right to take legal action in any other, internationally competent court.
    • 3. As from 15 February 2016 the European Commission provides here an European Online Dispute Resolution platform. Our email address is: office@eurohandball.com
    • 4. The EHF does neither commit itself nor is obliged to use alternative dispute resolution entities to resolve disputes with consumers.

Status: June 2021